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IJCSE Volume 5, Number 1, ISSN 1995-6649 Publisher: ATISR


Online museums or virtual museums have grown in popularity with the growth of internet penetration around the world. Online museum, as a way to preserve historical heritages and promote traditional culture, is widely accepted by internet users. However, the contents of existing Online Museums are too professional for ordinary online visitors to understand. That makes visitors, especially the majority of history beginners who have little background knowledge lose interests towards history cultures or heritages.In this paper, we designed and developed a prototype system of Online Museum for history beginners. There are several novel points in this system:(1) Illustrate certain artworks with multi-dimension information;(2) Integrate correlative information around certain artworks;(3) Locate artworks in Google Maps according to antiques’ geographic information.It will be great help for history beginners to understand history deeply when they are roaming in our online museum.Keywords: Online Museum, History Beginner, Correlative Information, Multi-dimension Information, Google Maps


Bin Yue, C. & Shigeki, Y. (2012). MULTI-DIMENSION INFORMATION-BASED ONLINE MUSEUM FOR HISTORY BEGINNERS. International Journal of Cyber Society and Education, 5(1), 1-22. ATISR. Retrieved December 3, 2022 from .