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Importation of Ideologies from Macaulay Minutes to Wood Commission

Journal of Education and Research Volume 1, Number 1, ISSN 2091-0118 e-ISSN 2091-0118 Publisher: Kathmandu University School of Education


In this article I examine Nepal’s language policy with particular reference to Nepal National Education Planning Commission (NNEPC known as Wood Commission) Report of 1956. In this essay I analyze how the Wood Commission Report was employed as a means of importing values introduced by the British India’s Macaulay Minutes of 1835. I explore how the post independence Education Commission had an overarching effect on the educational language policy discourse in the country. I investigate the effects of the NNEPC language policy on the educational practices in Nepal. First, I consider how the independent Nepal responded to the aspirations of the people for change in its educational language planning and policy.DOI:


Awasthi, L. (2008). Importation of Ideologies from Macaulay Minutes to Wood Commission. Journal of Education and Research, 1(1), 21-30. Kathmandu University School of Education. Retrieved February 6, 2023 from .