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The male–female gap in post-baccalaureate school quality

Economics of Education Review Volume 36, Number 1, ISSN 0272-7757 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Women are less likely than men to earn degrees from high quality post-baccalaureate programs, and this tendency has been growing over time. I show that, aside from the biomedical sciences, this cannot be explained by changes in the type of program where women tend to earn degrees. Instead, sorting by quality within degree program is the main contributor to the growing gap. Most of this sorting is due to the initial choice in which program type to apply to. No gender differences in selection with respect to ability or program quality arise as students progress through the admissions, enrollment or persistence choices.


Stevenson, A. (2013). The male–female gap in post-baccalaureate school quality. Economics of Education Review, 36(1), 153-165. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved May 17, 2021 from .

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