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Heterogeneity in schooling rates of return

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Economics of Education Review Volume 30, Number 6 ISSN 0272-7757 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper relaxes the assumption of homogeneous rates of return to schooling by employing nonparametric kernel regression. This approach allows us to examine the differences in rates of return to education both across and within groups. Similar to previous studies we find that on average blacks have higher returns to education than whites, natives have higher returns than immigrants and younger workers have higher returns than older workers. Contrary to previous studies we find that the average gap of the rate of return between white and black workers is larger than previously thought and the gap is smaller between immigrants and natives. We also uncover significant heterogeneity, the extent of which differs both across and within groups. Finally, we uncover the characteristics common amongst those with the smallest and largest returns to education.


Henderson, D.J., Polachek, S.W. & Wang, L. Heterogeneity in schooling rates of return. Economics of Education Review, 30(6), 1202-1214. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved October 14, 2019 from .

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