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Just For Fun: Writing and Literacy Learning as Forms of Play


Computers and Composition Volume 25, Number 3 ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This article focuses on Ink, a Multiplayer Online Game (MOG) being developed at Michigan State University. The design of Ink reflects the developers’ understanding of writing pedagogy and rhetorical theory. Ink allows players to enter into complex rhetorical situations that include exigencies, audiences, and rhetorical purposes. The developers of Ink hope that placing players in these rhetorical situations will facilitate literacy learning while simultaneously providing a satisfying game experience. Players will hopefully learn while having fun. In order to test the effectiveness of Ink as a game and learning environment, the authors designed a small-scale preliminary study with a focus group of student playtesters. The study was designed to answer three fundamental questions: Will players write? Will players have fun? Will players learn? The study generated some evidence that the answer to all three questions is “yes.”


Sheridan, D.M. & Hart-Davidson, W. Just For Fun: Writing and Literacy Learning as Forms of Play. Computers and Composition, 25(3), 323-340. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved July 3, 2022 from .

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