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The posthuman grant application

Computers and Composition Volume 29, Number 2, ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Online grant applications are commonly seen as a generic form of writing, one that maintains consistency and style from writer to writer. In this article, I challenge that perception, instead presenting a view of the online grant application as a posthuman writing tool whose influence can vary immensely according to the characteristics of the writer. This view is based on interviews conducted with applicants to the National Science Foundation, especially their experiences with NSF's application Web site, FastLane. Working on the assumption that FastLane is a tool designed to aid in composition, my participants’ variety of use connects the posthuman influence of Web sites such as FastLane with current interpretations of rhetorical agency.


Hoover, R.S. (2012). The posthuman grant application. Computers and Composition, 29(2), 137-151. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved July 10, 2020 from .

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