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Interfacing technology

Computers and Composition Volume 13, Number 3, ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Language and technologies are often regarded as two separate issues, issues with very little in common. Language is often regarded as something that “mirrors” reality, that is, the technology of the material world. In this article, another view of language is advocated through the notion of “interfaces.” The interface (of technologies) is what meets the user, and it includes both technology and linguistic devices of different kinds. This extended interface concept is very useful in the classroom because it may help the writing student adopt a richer view of language and a more complex understanding of the relation between language and technology.


Mårdsjö, K. (1996). Interfacing technology. Computers and Composition, 13(3), 303-315. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved January 25, 2020 from .

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