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The Kairos Preservation Project

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Computers and Composition Volume 46, Number 1, ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


In this article we introduce the Kairos Preservation Project, a case study in which the preservation of early Kairos articles provided a means for teaching and learning scholarly hypertext production. Drawing on work in rhetoric and composition and the digital humanities, we offer the concept of a preservation pedagogy—a collaborative model for introducing new authors to digital scholarly production via the preservation of 1990s-era scholarly hypertexts. We provide three implications of a preservation pedagogy: 1) That digital preservation work has value as a pedagogical tool within rhetoric and composition, 2) That a preservation pedagogy offers an inclusive approach to producing sustainable and accessible digital scholarship, and 3) That a preservation pedagogy might offer a model for the labor and reward structures required for digital preservation efforts in the field.


Lockridge, T., Paz, E. & Johnson, C. (2017). The Kairos Preservation Project. Computers and Composition, 46(1), 72-86. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved October 4, 2023 from .

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