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Pattern of reflection in learning Authoring System through blogging

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Computers & Education Volume 69, Number 1, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This research study aims to identify student's perceptions regarding the use of blogging, the pattern of reflection involved in learning Authoring System through blogging and student's performance in tests based on the reflection's pattern. Sixteen students who registered for the Authoring System subject participated in this study. It was conducted using quantitative approaches, through survey and pre-experimental design of one group post-test type. The instruments used were questionnaire, performance test and blog contents, where tutors and students posted messages and comments on the blog during the course. The results showed that the students' overall perception regarding the educational benefits of writing a blog and reading other students' blogs and comments was positive. Students also moderately agreed that they had difficulties in engaging in the reflection through blogging. It was also found that blogging indirectly improved the students' performance in the test. Through blog content analysis, the dominant type of reflection was monologue. However, the results from the data mining analysis showed that the students used reflective conversation and monologue type of reflection to achieve Grade A in learning Authoring System. It shows that students require deep and critical reflection to perform better in the subject.


Mohamad, S.K., Tasir, Z., Harun, J. & A. Shukor, N. (2013). Pattern of reflection in learning Authoring System through blogging. Computers & Education, 69(1), 356-368. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved March 23, 2023 from .

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