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The Framework for DIRECTED Online Learning Environments


Internet and Higher Education Volume 2, Number 1 ISSN 1096-7516 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


A steady increase in the development and use of online instructional delivery systems in higher education institutions is expected to occur over the next few years. Online learning environments (OLEs) will emerge to provide comprehensive support for the process of learning and instruction. Currently, educators and administrators are seeking guidance for conceptualizing and implementing OLEs. A framework is needed to represent the essential aspects of OLE development and use, and to address the complex nature of OLEs. This paper offers a definition for OLEs. Also, a framework is presented to support a “directed” approach to OLEs that provides a basis for planning, designing, implementing and evaluating OLEs, and for online courses contained within OLEs. The elements of the framework for DIRECTED OLEs, Delivery, Interaction, Resources, Evaluation, Culture, Technology, Education, and Design, are defined and issues concerning the elements are presented.


Dringus, L.P. & Terrell, S. The Framework for DIRECTED Online Learning Environments. Internet and Higher Education, 2(1), 55-67. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved August 6, 2020 from .

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