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Feedback Board: An Innovative Way to Adapt Classroom Teaching


Teaching and Learning in Nursing Volume 13, Number 4, ISSN 1557-3087 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


There is much discussion in the literature on the effectiveness of end of semester summative evaluations of teaching and those who teach. Educators cite many reasons why they are dissatisfied with summative student evaluations, but the most significant issues are related to the lack of specific constructive feedback, poor response rates, and lack of student engagement. Whereas, formative student feedback provided throughout the semester has been proven more effective at improving student learning and outcomes. Formative feedback provides educators with an opportunity to adjust teaching practices throughout the semester in response to student feedback thus creating a learner-center learning environment. The purpose of this article is to present the “Feedback Board” as means to collect formative feedback from students at the end of each class session throughout the semester and its role in improving learning.


Woods, A. & Welch, T.D. (2018). Feedback Board: An Innovative Way to Adapt Classroom Teaching. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 13(4), 219-222. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved August 17, 2022 from .

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