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Didactic Content of Constructively-Projective Function of Students Learning: The Extrapolation in Information Technology

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IJESE Volume 11, Number 18, ISSN 1306-3065


The relevance of the study is conditioned by a radical impact on the learning process of the university by information technology, which put start a new phase in its transformation. According to experts at the present time the main factor of efficiency of university's activity becomes the expansion of students' learning activities, realized on the basis of new technologies in educational environments which they create with the changed learning functions. In the prevailing socio-pedagogical conditions the earlier priority educational-cognitive function fades into the background, giving way to a constructively-projective one, performing the role of not only the means of instruction and formation of students' creative work competences, but also of didactic conditions for extrapolation of changed functions of training in information technology. In this regard, the focus in this article is devoted to the establishment of the theoretical-methodical approach to projecting of the structure and content of constructively-projective function of students' learning as a didactic direction of educational process's transformations in university, extrapolated for the implementation of information technologies. The leading method of research is the pedagogical modeling, allowing justifying of theoretical and practical effectiveness of the structure and content of constructively-projective learning function of student, extrapolated in the implementation of information technology in the educational process. The article presents the discourse of the concept "constructive-projective function of students' learning"; based on the results of the study the didactic structure and content of constructive-projective function of students' learning is justified, which is extrapolated on the target, content, procedure and evaluation components of the modified functions of information technology; practice-oriented approaches of extrapolation of constructively-orienting function on the model of a specialist is established; the effectiveness of the identified structure and content of the functions using the quality criteria of information technologies is proved: conceptuality, integrity diagnostic ability, predictability, controllability, efficiency, reproducibility, creativity are proved. Presented in the paper results of the study can be useful for the practice of teachers, managers, trainers, and facilitators of universities.


Kutuev, R.A., Nuriyeva, E.N., Safiullina, T.R., Kryukova, N.I., Tagirova, N.P. & Karpenko, G.V. (2016). Didactic Content of Constructively-Projective Function of Students Learning: The Extrapolation in Information Technology. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11(18), 11969-11977. Retrieved May 7, 2021 from .

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