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Educational Game Systems in Artificial Intelligence Course

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IJESE Volume 11, Number 16, ISSN 1306-3065


Article actuality based on fact that existing knowledge system aimed at future professional life of students: a skillful use game activity in educational process will teach students to look for alternative ways solving of real problems. The purpose of article lies in theoretical substantiation, development and testing of criteria, which must be met by special-purpose software oriented on gamification of educational process. A leading research method of the described problem is a method of simulation that allows to consider gamification as concentration and organized process for increasing the factor of student engagement in cognitive activity. This article aimed to demonstrate models of ideal educational game programs with optimum number of gamification elements, also article focused on development of such software, which will be not entertaining, but educational in nature. The article may be useful for researchers dealing with gamification issues and software developers, which works relate with educational programs.


Chubarkova, E.V., Sadchikov, I.A., Suslova, I.A., Tsaregorodtsev, A.?. & Milova, L.N. (2016). Educational Game Systems in Artificial Intelligence Course. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11(16), 9255-9265. Retrieved January 17, 2022 from .

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