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The Significance of Digital Pedagogy: Teachers' Perceptions and the Factors Influencing Their Abilities as Digital Pedagogues


Journal of Educational Technology Volume 11, Number 3, ISSN 0973-0559


Information and Communication Technologies have brought widespread changes in all aspects of contemporary society and culture. Most scholars believe that the assimilation of processes of change in schools and the entire Educational system depends on the abilities and perceptions of teachers in the system. The present study examines how Graduates of the Master's degree program, Technology in Education, perceived the significance of digital pedagogy (pedagogy in an Information and Technology-rich learning environment), in relation to three different aspects such as role of the teacher, role of the student and technology's contribution to the teaching/learning processes. According to the graduates, teachers should develop student-centered teaching serving as facilitators, create personal and caring relationships with the students and stay updated, constantly deepening their professional knowledge. The students should be the initiative for learning, be independent, curious, and work out of interest and inner motivation to achieve meaningful learning, through collaborative learning and also be familiar with digital environment. Use of technology should help to create a supportive environment, enabling demonstration of phenomena and processes, increase the range of learning possibilities, help to provide an answer to variance of students and the narrow gaps between them. The graduates believed that a supportive Principal, committed teachers and supply of adequate instruction to the teachers can help them apply the digital pedagogy. A policy of learning evaluation by measuring achievement and lack of support at the school level can render the application more difficult. The findings showed that most of the Graduates had an actual experience of introducing digital pedagogy in their classrooms as part of their studies in the program.


Wadmany, R. & Kliachko, S. (2014). The Significance of Digital Pedagogy: Teachers' Perceptions and the Factors Influencing Their Abilities as Digital Pedagogues. Journal of Educational Technology, 11(3), 22-33. Retrieved February 25, 2021 from .

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