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Deepening the Understanding of Students´ Study-Related Media Usage

, Department of Educational Sciences, Institute for Educational and Social Sciences, Carl-von-Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany

IJOPCD Volume 8, Number 3, ISSN 2155-6873 Publisher: IGI Global


This article describes how numerous studies on student usage of various digital applications, social media and networks are available but studies on study-related media usage typologies are rare. Based on the instruments developed by Zawacki-Richter, Müskens, Krause, Alturki, and Aldraiweesh, as well as Zawacki-Richter, Kramer and Müskens, a short questionnaire was developed and tested with a cohort of 72 students. The results of the factor analysis suggest statistically relevant scales, which are suitable for classifying students along their media usage patterns through a subsequent cluster analysis. The three clusters that were determined can be compared with the usage types from Zawacki-Richter et al. During the instructional design process these heterogeneous groups and their media usage should be taken into consideration. The identified items can be applied in order to develop qualitative interviews for a deeper understanding of the usage types.


Stöter, J. (2018). Deepening the Understanding of Students´ Study-Related Media Usage. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 8(3), 45-59. IGI Global. Retrieved May 29, 2023 from .