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IT Training as a Strategy for Business Productivity in Developing Countries

, , National University of Singapore, Singapore

IJICTE Volume 2, Number 4, ISSN 1550-1876 Publisher: IGI Global


Most existing studies on technology training address the operational issues of training process (e.g., training needs assessment, learning, delivery methods, etc.). The strategic concerns of IT training for enhancing business productivity largely are not addressed by the current literature. In this article, we explore the strategic concerns of IT training in hierarchical organizations, which are typically prevalent in developing countries. We synthesize various ideas in the literature on change management, training needs analysis, and IT adoption in order to evolve a strategic IT training framework for hierarchical organizations. The proposed framework recognizes the differences in IT training requirements for different levels of employees and suggests a differentiated training content for different segments of employees. The training framework provides an actionable and comprehensive tool that can be used for systematically planning IT training for enhancing productivity of organizations.


Srivastava, S. & Teo, T. (2006). IT Training as a Strategy for Business Productivity in Developing Countries. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 2(4), 51-63. IGI Global. Retrieved March 1, 2021 from .