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Agent-Based Architecture of a Distributed Laboratory System

, University of Houston-Downtown, United States

IJICTE Volume 3, Number 1, ISSN 1550-1876 Publisher: IGI Global


We present a method for designing the architecture of an agent-based e-educational system. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by its application in the design of a computational grid built to be an environment for lab activities. An integrated lab package was developed to allow students to utilize the grid services and support the learning process. Our architectural design strategy ensures an outstanding feature of the system: It allows lab modules to be added into the system in an incremental fashion while ensuring the correctness of the system. Students are recruited in our research program to develop lab modules and build the grid. Initial use of the lab package indicates that it allows lab activities to be performed more efficiently and it enhances the learning effectiveness.


Lin, H. (2007). Agent-Based Architecture of a Distributed Laboratory System. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 3(1), 45-57. IGI Global. Retrieved October 19, 2019 from .