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NMC Technology Outlook: Cooperative Extension 2016-2021

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The NMC Technology Outlook for Cooperative Extension 2016-2021: A Horizon Project Sector Report reflects a collaborative research effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC), the eXtension Foundation, and the Innovation Task Force of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP), the representative governing body of Cooperative Extension nationwide, to inform Cooperative Extension leaders and decision-makers about significant developments in technologies supporting innovation and learning across the field.  The three key sections of this report constitute a reference and straightforward technology planning guide for Cooperative Extension directors and administrators, educators, agents, faculty, staff, campus leaders, policymakers, and technologists. It is our hope that this research will help to inform the choices that institutions are making about technology to improve, support, or extend teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in Cooperative Extension programs.  To view the work and expert panel that produced the report, visit the project wiki.


Freeman, A., Adams Becker, S. & Cummins, M. (2016). NMC Technology Outlook: Cooperative Extension 2016-2021. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium. Retrieved July 29, 2021 from .