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Advanced e-learning for IT-Army officers through Virtual Learning Eenvironments ARTICLE

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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society Volume 13, Number 3, ISSN 1826-6223 e-ISSN 1826-6223 Publisher: Italian e-Learning Association


In this work we will present and discuss the joint experience of the IT-Army Education and Training Command and School of Applied Military Studies of Turin and the University of Turin, that worked together to designed an advanced e-learning path. This was made possible by the use of digital methodologies and integrated virtual learning environments, with the aim of supporting in the best possible way the military officers training, which has to be continuous, highly specialized, multidisciplinary, flexible, and strongly internationalized.


Marchisio, M., Rabellino, S., Spinello, E. & Torbidone, G. (2017). Advanced e-learning for IT-Army officers through Virtual Learning Eenvironments. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, 13(3),. Italian e-Learning Association. Retrieved September 21, 2018 from .


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