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Can the integration of a PLE in an e-portfolio platform improve generic competences?

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NAERJ Volume 6, Number 2, ISSN 2254-7339 Publisher: University of Alicante


The study analyzes the improvement in generic competences through e-portfolio/PLE platform and didactic planning. The new version of the platform, Digital Folder, contains utilities for students and teachers and some PLE components that help the learning process through e-portfolios. Didactic planning is compared for students from the University of Vic and the University of Barcelona, with a total of 61 participants. A questionnaire has been applied for measuring the use of functions and how much these functions aid in the improvement of the generic competences (reflection, planning and selection of information). The results confirm that the most helpful functions for students are: the Schedule, the Academic tasks, the Teacher\u2019s portfolio and Dialogue with the teacher. However, the implication of these functions in the improvement of the competences depends on didactic planning overall for reflection on learning.


Galvn-Fernndez, C., Rubio-Hurtado, M., Martnez-Olmo, F. & Rodrguez-Illera, J. (2017). Can the integration of a PLE in an e-portfolio platform improve generic competences?. Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal), 6(2), 112-118. University of Alicante. Retrieved October 17, 2021 from .