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Maker Education for All, Diverse Practices = Diverse Communities

, MIT, High-Low Tech Group, United States


The ascendancy of the “Maker Movement” in education has created exciting opportunities for some, but it has arguably exacerbated educational inequalities—providing resources to a privileged few while reinforcing a troubling lack of diversity in STEM. This talk will explore how many cultural traditions of “making” are rich with STEM content, but remain largely invisible in educational contexts. It will examine historical connections between different creative practices, diversity, and Maker/STEM education. It will also provide examples of inclusive educational platforms and present guidelines to help educators and technology designers connect with a broad range of people and practices.


Buechley, L. Maker Education for All, Diverse Practices = Diverse Communities. Presented at SITE 2020--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference. Retrieved March 5, 2021 from .