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Celebrity Endorsement as a Physiological Apparatus

, , , Ghazi University D G Khan, Pakistan

ILSHS Volume 47, ISSN 2300-2697


Celebrities are sound recognized traits in community because of their pleasant appearance or creditability, that’s why to augment the effectiveness of their trademark and classified ad Corporation, use these superstar as their brand name endorser. Purpose of this study to conduct in D g khan is to probe the customer level demographically and how much celebrity endorsement does cast its collision on Clint buying intention demographically and show a optimistic association with marketing promotions. The foremost deliberation in current research expose approaches of people toward the celebrities stimulate them to purchase or affect their buying deeds The result show that clients show a optimistic approach towards celebrities and motivated to purchase by celebrities and also show that consumer buying behavior is pretentious by celebrity creditability.


Anam, M., Anosh, M. & Hamad, N. (2015). Celebrity Endorsement as a Physiological Apparatus. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 47, 55-62. Retrieved June 26, 2019 from .