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Physics Diagnostic Test: An Approach to Qualify Astronomy Students

, , Rizal Technological University, Philippines

ILSHS Volume 63, ISSN 2300-2697


This study determines the learning outcomes measured by the physics diagnostic test, the performance of the incoming college freshman astronomy students in the physics diagnostic test, the suitability of the physics diagnostic test as entry requirement for the BS Astronomy Technology students, and the differences in the result of the physics diagnostic test. It deals with the analysis on the conceptualization that students may have difficulties pursuing the astronomy course if they have impediments in the result of their physics diagnostic test. In the past years, it casually occurs that students with low physics adaptation results to have lower to failing grades when they reach higher astronomy subjects.This study utilized a causal-comparative research design. A purposive sampling was used to the incoming freshmen students of BS Astronomy Technology during the first semester of school year 2014-2015 who took the 25 item validated basic introductory concepts in physics diagnostic test of the department.The findings showed that the physics diagnostic test measured and matched the prescribed learning outcomes set by the department. It also showed that most of the students have very satisfactorily understanding in physics. Therefore, it concludes that the physics diagnostic test match entry requirement for BS Astronomy Technology and that there is no significant difference in the physics diagnostic test between the BS Astronomy Technology college freshman students.


Guido, R.M.D. & Dela Cruz, R.A.B. (2015). Physics Diagnostic Test: An Approach to Qualify Astronomy Students. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 63, 129-135. Retrieved June 16, 2019 from .