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The Use of Diatropic Approach as Methodological Basis of Scientifically-Pedagogical Research

, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University at Cherkasy, Ukraine

ILSHS Volume 69, ISSN 2300-2697


The author is undertaken attempt to characterize particularities and cognitive possibilities of diatropic approach as methodological basis of modern scientifically-pedagogical research. It is shown it essence and is revealed urgency to study the phenomena and process to pedagogical reality.Diatropic paradigm of co-ordinates, cultural and sub-cultural worlds and finally individual displays personality and its environment represents gnosiological subsoil for determination of optimum correlation of idiographu and nomotetics in scientifically-pedagogical research, statement uniqueness of each individual is not more significant, than human nature in general.We consider that diatropic and cognitive model orients the researchers of the pedagogical phenomena, processes, systems, on the search of mutually complemented tendencies of scientific cognition on eclecticism, search and establishment of original, than on providing general and universal. Diatropic approach as methodology of scientifically-pedagogical researches determines logic of search in multicultural professionally educational spacious of variety of general properties and differences in the large aggregates of objects. Such way of cognition is not eliminated by the grant of advantage the idea of variant that acquires the special actuality in the conditions of reformation of the domestic educational system.


Shpak, V. (2016). The Use of Diatropic Approach as Methodological Basis of Scientifically-Pedagogical Research. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 69, 15-18. Retrieved April 25, 2019 from .