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Why It Is Hard to Make Use of New Learning Spaces: A Script Perspective

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Technology, Pedagogy and Education Volume 23, Number 1, ISSN 1475-939X


The authors argue that a script perspective can lead to a better understanding of learning in new learning spaces. Scripts can be understood as flexible, individual memory structures guiding our understanding and actions, but also as instructional interventions that help students use the affordances offered in new learning spaces. In study 1 (N = 82), the authors observed that when thrown into an unfamiliar, new learning space, students showed low individual learning and low satisfaction with the learning space, compared with students who received basic hints concerning how to use the affordances of the learning space. Study 2 (N = 77) demonstrated positive effects of an external script to guide collaborative decision-making in the new learning space, compared to unstructured collaboration. Thus, a script perspective helps to understand why it is so difficult to use new learning spaces effectively. Script theory can also guide the design of support to overcome these difficulties.


Kollar, I., Pilz, F. & Fischer, F. (2014). Why It Is Hard to Make Use of New Learning Spaces: A Script Perspective. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 23(1), 7-18. Retrieved March 21, 2023 from .

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