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Video-games: Do they require general intelligence?

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Computers & Education Volume 53, Number 2, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Here we test if playing video-games require intelligence. Twenty-seven university undergraduate students were trained on three games from Big Brain Academy (Wii): Calculus, Backward Memory and Train. Participants did not have any previous experience with these games. General intelligence was measured by five ability tests before the training session. Training comprised 10 blocks of trials (10 trials per block). Ackerman’s (Ackerman, P. L. (1988). Individual differences and skill acquisition. In P. L. Ackerman, R. J. Sernberg, & R. Glaser (Eds.),


Quiroga, M.A., Herranz, M., Gómez-Abad, M., Kebir, M., Ruiz, J. & Colom, R. (2009). Video-games: Do they require general intelligence?. Computers & Education, 53(2), 414-418. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved December 8, 2023 from .

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