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Evaluation of a Systematic Tele-Tutor Training

, , , University of Amsterdam

EdMedia + Innovate Learning, in Montreal, Canada ISBN 978-1-880094-40-2 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Waynesville, NC


The Lilienthal project is a collaboration of 5 European flight schools (Lufthansa, KLM, EPAG, IAJM and HORIZON), and the universities of Berlin, Stuttgart and Amsterdam. Within this project a Distance Learning Platform (DLP) for pilot training is developed. Students can study 250+ modules and they can communicate with their tutor and peer-students via e-mail, chat, discussion groups and bulletin boards. In a distance learning environment, the role of the tutor is different from the role of a classroom teacher. Traditional teachers from the flight schools now had to learn to become a successful distance tutor. A Tele-Tutor Training has been set-up to provide for this need. This paper describes the systematic set-up and the evaluation of this Tele-Tutor Training.


Emans, B., Christoph, N. & Sandberg, J. (2000). Evaluation of a Systematic Tele-Tutor Training. In J. Bourdeau & R. Heller (Eds.), Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 2000--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications (pp. 1325-1326). Montreal, Canada: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved December 15, 2019 from .