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Assessment based on Serious Gaming Interactive Questions (SGIQ)

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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Volume 31, Number 6, ISSN 1365-2729 Publisher: Wiley


The case study presented in this paper describes the pedagogical aspects and collected experience in using e-learning tool named IPA-PBL. Improving assessments in the preparation for AMET's (Air Medical Evacuation and Transport) complex task of transfer of injured or sick patients from the place of accident to the hospital or between hospitals represents the main motive for developing this tool. In IPA-PBL, the problem-based learning is applied as a pedagogical strategy as well as a set of concrete methods implemented in the software. Together with the pedagogical model, specific domain ontology is designed. This way, the learner's knowledge can be analysed in order to collect the data necessary for dynamical adaptation of system behaviour. The results collected during the exploitation of IPA-PBL are compared without using the system. Statistical analysis as well as considerations and conclusions about them are also presented in the paper. The predominant number of trainees who participated in the survey expressed positive attitudes about the new interactive type of questions. Therefore, it is considered to extend using such questions not only in assessments but in other parts of the training process.


Šimić, G., Jevremović, A., Kostić, Z. & Ðorđević, D. (2015). Assessment based on Serious Gaming Interactive Questions (SGIQ). Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 31(6), 623-637. Wiley. Retrieved February 25, 2020 from .