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Application of the Table Manager Program in the Physics Education

Acta Didactica Napocensia Volume 2, Number 3,


In the 21st century the acquirement and transmission useful knowledge has a key role not only in Hungary but in the whole world as well. In my opinion, the interdisciplinary integration helps teaching efficiently more things than teaching each subject separately. The meaning of integration is approximately that we put together and combine different items and processes. Secondary school students usually get acquainted with the use of table manager programme e.g. Excel. Even with this programme they are able to solve such tasks in which they have to define/estimate the quality of physical amounts, delineate functions so we can hide physics in table manager programmes. I have chosen some physical problems in terms of mechanics: firstly I describe the physical process's basic features, the pertinent laws, formulas (both maths and physics play an important role) then we model this physical process with this table manager program. The use of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at school is one of the basic ideas of modern education; besides providing information, it brings the development of skills in the foreground. In the middle of the teaching process there is such activities which are related to the subject or field in question. So in pursuance of it, the main aim of school education is to provide knowledge that is flexible and can be used later in different fields of life and prepare students to be able to learn and apply this newly acquainted knowledge through their lives.


Beke, T. (2009). Application of the Table Manager Program in the Physics Education. Acta Didactica Napocensia, 2(3), 61-74. Retrieved May 18, 2021 from .

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