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Teaching EFL in 2020

National Quemoy University English Conference,


This paper is a slightly revised version of a keynote address given at the 2015 National Quemoy University English Conference, Reimagining the Teaching of Language, Literature, and Culture, in Kinmen, Taiwan, on 5 June 2015. The author contends that teaching English as a Foreign Language is changing rapidly, and successful teachers and scholars need to be prepared for the future. He present six predictions about teaching and researching in the EFL discipline in the year 2020 and beyond, that there will be: (1) A growth of outcome-based instructional engineering, (2) A growth of affordance-based planning, (3) A growth of task-based instructional design, (4) A growth of affordance-based research, (5) Pressure for more curriculum integration of research findings, and (6) Increased scrutiny of peer review, including an expectation that raw data used in studies must be made available for public scrutiny.


Marek, M.W. (2015). Teaching EFL in 2020. Presented at National Quemoy University English Conference 2015. Retrieved June 30, 2022 from .

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