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Enhancing Reading Comprehension of Struggling Comprehenders through Computer Based Instruction

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Journal on School Educational Technology Volume 2, Number 3, ISSN 0973-2217


In the computer age, challenges have gained a new quality, and teachers, especially with their pedagogic responsibilities, have gained a new role to play. To familiarize themselves with the new technology and to become aware of its value in language education, the potentials of this new technology can be utilized to enhance the basic language skills. Reading is a complex activity that demands simultaneous application of a variety of cognitive processes. In learning to read, all students do not progress at the same rate. Hence, the reading class requires a more individualized, student-centered approach. Since computer-assisted instruction is particularly effective in presenting content which needs mastery or comprehension, and in catering to the needs of students of all levels, integration of this approach into reading curriculum can be given desired attention. This paper will focus on providing guidelines and suggestions of developing traditional and innovative activities for a self-instructional reading program that can be used in learning and testing EST reading for slow learners.


Chandrakanthi, S., Ananthasayanam, R. & Rav, R. (2007). Enhancing Reading Comprehension of Struggling Comprehenders through Computer Based Instruction. Journal on School Educational Technology, 2(3), 27-32. Retrieved June 4, 2020 from .

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