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Lean video production - towards ressource-efficient inverted classroom models

, Johannes Gutenberg University, Denmark


The proposed merits of inverted classroom teaching have been put under close scrutiny in numerous lines of research. Evidence suggests that inverting classrooms more often than not fails to outperform conventional teaching methods in terms of students’ learning achievements and assets. We present data from a three-year longitudinal study with undergraduate students of Psychology attending mandatory statistics courses. Results indicate that one of the key determinants of increased learning outcomes in an inverted classroom setting is the prior quality of the conventional course. When learning achievements are already high, there may be little scope for further improvement. This rather mundane insight highlights an important constraint for the digitization of teaching: resource efficiency. Wide acceptance of video-based teaching methods among university lecturers will only be generated if the production of video can be achieved without straining the limited time resources of said lecturers. We present one way of recording high-quality course content with minimal additional load for the teachers.


Persike, M. (2015). Lean video production - towards ressource-efficient inverted classroom models. Presented at Global Learn Conference 2015. Retrieved May 29, 2023 from .