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Personalization and Contextualization of Learning Experiences based on Semantics

, , , , University of Salerno

iJET Volume 9, Number 7, ISSN 1863-0383 Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering, Kassel, Germany


Context-aware e-learning is an educational model that foresees the selection of learning resources to make the e-learning content more relevant and suitable for the learner in his/her situation. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that an ontological approach can be used to define leaning contexts and to allow contextualizing learning experiences finding out relevant topics for each context. To do that, we defined a context model able to formally describe a learning context, an ontology-based model enabling the representation of a teaching domain (including context information) and a methodology to generate personalized and context-aware learning experiences starting from them. Based on these theoretical components we improved an existing system for personalized e-learning with contextualisation features and experimented it with real users in two University courses. The results obtained from this experimentation have been compared with those achieved by similar systems.


Capuano, N., Mangione, G., Pierri, A. & Salerno, S. (2014). Personalization and Contextualization of Learning Experiences based on Semantics. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 9(7), 5-14. Kassel, Germany: International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved April 9, 2020 from .