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Postsecondary Educational Support Services for the 21st Century



In the future, postsecondary institutions must respond in nontraditional ways to disabled students' needs for physical accessibility to campus facilities and cultural accessibility to campus activities, both social and academic. The development of innovative services will require an entrepreneurial approach and should look upon the provision of disabled student services from a "marketing" point of view. California State University, Northridge, has added a number of nonmandated activities to its Office of Disabled Student Services which are products of a marketing approach model and are supported by outside funding: (1) a computer access lab; (2) a theater group; (3) a student leadership group; (4) conferences on the arts, computer technology, and learning disabilities; (5) a learning disabled program; and (6) a National Aeronautics and Space Administration grant to promote hiring of qualified disabled "high-tech" graduates. Administrators seeking to follow the marketing approach will find several elements crucial to their success. They will have to cultivate funding sources to obtain necessary resources, tap the tremendous potential of technological advances, expand staff training opportunities, and develop administrative policies to accommodate the entrepreneurial approach. (VW)


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