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McLuhan, televilla , and Southwest Texas Network Consortium: A case study

, Texas A&M University, United States

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The purpose of this research project was to develop a greater level of understanding of the sociological considerations that may exist as a result of the establishment of the telecommunications infrastructure that has been developed by the Southwest Texas Network Consortium (SWTNet). I have endeavored to identify and describe the various political, organizational, economic, cultural and other salient factors that exist within the context of the consortium and which combine to establish an identity for the consortium as a whole. In developing this project, I have sought to knit together a story. I have attempted to communicate the multiple realities that a variety of individuals have constructed in regard to the SWTNet and in so doing, establish a basis for truth.

In interpreting the findings of this project, it is suggested that what makes up the identity of the Southwest Texas Network Consortium are individuals. They are the trees that make-up the forest. The amalgamation of those individuals who have participated in a common effort, who live in those communities, who are affected by the wires and boxes which make-up a telecommunications network, who have a common vision, who share a common goal, who aspire to do more, learn more and effect more for their community and this region—those individuals are SWTNet.

The following has been developed in an effort to paint a picture in words, a story of a forest. The interviews were conducted in an attempt to hear from a few trees in that forest. Hopefully their story will give the reader some basis for understanding the forest known as SWTNet. And, in understanding, it is anticipated that the reader may make a comparison and perhaps utilize that comparison in some similar situation.

Beyond this particular story in a particular place in time, it should be noted that the story of the SWTNet continues to evolve. Daily, students are interacting with students over a distance, teachers are mining the data found on the world wide web, administrators are collaborating in order to bring efficiency and greater depth to their organizations, and rural communities are working together in a way that heretofore has been unprecedented.


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