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Examination of the relationship between technology integration, emotional intelligence and leadership in post-secondary instruction

, Fielding Graduate University, United States

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The integration of technology in instruction is a critical performance criterion for 21st century post-secondary instructors. Some instructors demonstrate competence, using technology in his or her instruction while others are reluctant to do so. I endeavored to determine if this variance was related to the instructor's Emotional Intelligence (EI) or his or her Leadership capabilities. I used a random sampling of 110 California Community Colleges, in which there were 34,200 instructors who comprised the target population for this research. Of these, 80 instructors participated in this study. These instructors completed online the Mankato Scale that assessed his or her New Media Technology Integration (NMTI) score, The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal™ that assessed his or her EI scores, a self-assessment scale that indicated his or her technology leadership, and they provided personal and institutional demographic information. I tested hypotheses using Pearson correlation coefficient. Using a multiple regression I analyzed if the EI competencies and the Leadership score contributed independent information in predicting NMTI.

As a result, I found significant relationships between the EI competency of Self-Awareness with NMTI and Leadership with NMTI. Through this study I demonstrated that Leadership was a critical component in technology integration. I was also able to reveal a significant relationship between Self-Awareness and NMTI. The study underscores the need for future research in which NMTI is positioned more as a performance criterion and less simply as a tool. In this way, leadership will provide the clear expectations, direction, and support for NMTI that instructors require.

Keywords: New Media Technology Integration; Emotional Intelligence; Post-Secondary Instruction; Technology; Leadership


Certenberd-Mickey, H. Examination of the relationship between technology integration, emotional intelligence and leadership in post-secondary instruction. Ph.D. thesis, Fielding Graduate University. Retrieved February 26, 2021 from .

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