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Effects of quizzing strategies on performance in a Web-based diversity awareness training program

, The University of Memphis, United States

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Computers are becoming an increasingly common element in education and training, both within academic settings and organizational settings. In a meta-analysis concerning the effectiveness of computer-based instruction (CBI) in academic settings, Kulik and Kulik (1991) reported an average improvement effect size of .30 over traditional instruction. Such findings have contributed to the ever-increasing use of CBI, both in academic and organizational settings. Research concerning the effectiveness of the specific components of CBI (such as quiz frequency, audio, color, etc.) has been limited. The following study evaluated one such component, quiz distribution, by comparing three different distributions of course quizzes in an on-line training course conducted in a steel fabrication plant as a part of a supervisory training program. The primary outcome measures assessed were performance on a knowledge assessment test, time to complete course, and reaction data from a post-course survey and focus groups.

The first notable finding is that all participants, the vast majority of whom reported they were “uncomfortable” using a computer, performed well on the final knowledge assessment test (average 88.9%). Secondly, there was strong favorable reaction from the participants, who reported in both reaction surveys and follow-up focus groups that they enjoyed the course and would like to see future training delivered via the computer. Finally, there were no significant differences on any major outcome variable-test scores, time to take course, time to take quiz, pre and post measures of task value, and post course reaction scores. Thus, contrary to research that indicates more frequent quizzing yields improved retention, increased quizzing in this environment did not improve course performance. Further implications and limitations of this research are discussed.


Palmer, K.R. Effects of quizzing strategies on performance in a Web-based diversity awareness training program. Ph.D. thesis, The University of Memphis. Retrieved September 27, 2020 from .

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