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The effect of an Adlerian video-based parent education program on parents' perceptions of their child's behavior and styles of parenting

, Texas Southern University, United States

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The success of parent education programs and the effectiveness of parents in their childrearing role have historically been measured predominantly by the developmental performances of the child. Studies in the field demonstrated convincingly that stressful experiences increase psychological distress in mothers and produce changes in family and child management. The Adlerian concept along with other theories purported that children learn to cope with and/or overcome difficulties in life through the support and encouragement of significant others who promote their development, cooperation, and interdependence.

The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effectiveness of an Adlerian video-based parent program on parents' perceptions of their children's behaviors and on parenting styles. In addressing these hypotheses, the key variables were measured, using two instruments. Each parent was administered two instruments at pretest and posttest. The study controlled for relevant background variables, including family income, education parents, gender of child, family structure, and family size.

The 40 parents who participated in the study were randomly assigned to the two groups. Twenty parents were randomly assigned to the parent education program which was the experimental group and the remaining participated in the control group receiving only the parenting literature. Each parent was asked to select a target child (pre-adolescent or adolescent).

The effects of the treatment were assessed by comparing pretest and posttest differences between groups. The instruments measured parental perceptions regarding the targeted child's behavior and parental perceptions regarding their own parenting style.

The data was treated using the One-Way Analysis of Covariance and the One-Way Analysis of Variance. The results strongly confirmed the two major hypotheses: the Adlerian video-based parent education program positively affected the aforementioned dependent variables. Evidence of effects on demographic variables were non-significant.

Findings from this study provide evidence that Active Parenting of Teens Program can be considered effective in changing attitudes and childrearing techniques in African American parents rearing teens. Because of the small sample size, however, these findings cannot be generalized to other groups.


Farooq, D. The effect of an Adlerian video-based parent education program on parents' perceptions of their child's behavior and styles of parenting. Ph.D. thesis, Texas Southern University. Retrieved July 29, 2021 from .

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