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Design and implementation of a multimedia courseware database

, Carleton University , Canada

Carleton University . Awarded


Currently, the area of distance education is gaining high interest, especially in regions where users are geographically scattered and/or influenced by different factors that could affect their learning demands. Distance education puts emphasis on the separation of the learner and the educator in space and/or time.

The emergence of new technologies within different disciplines, such as multimedia, databases and networking, have enriched the learning activities and produced new trends within the distance education era. Telelearning is one of the distance education sub-areas that have obtained increased attention and research.

This thesis discusses a Multimedia Interactive Telelearning System that has been designed and developed at MIRL Laboratory at the University of Ottawa. A new approach has been taken to build a seamless education environment over the Internet. It is mainly based on Object-Oriented paradigm and on utilizing leading-edge technologies. Its aim is to provide real-time interactive multimedia courseware services to a variety of distributed students, and satisfy their learning needs. The system is comprised of several major components: courseware authoring site, courseware database server, multimedia database server, courseware presentation agents, media production center, an on-line facilitator, etc. The accessibility, effectiveness and flexibility are important features of the system that make it a suitable environment for supporting learning services.

The system architecture, courseware data model, database management issues and implementation details are discussed. The main contribution of the thesis is the database modeling, as well as system schema, and the database management architecture.


Al-Shammari, A.H. Design and implementation of a multimedia courseware database. Master's thesis, Carleton University. Retrieved November 14, 2019 from .

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