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Examination of computer use in rehabilitation education: A study of individual CORE faculty and their individual use of computers

, The University of Iowa, United States

The University of Iowa . Awarded


This survey intended to examine individual characteristics regarding computer technology usage among rehabilitation educators, as well as identify variables that may inhibit or enhance the instructional use of computer technology. Results of the survey offer a contemporary view of instructional computer use in rehabilitation education and identifies factors related to their application. Ultimately these results may provide a baseline for future research and suggest those individual and institutional factors that may influence the application of computers in rehabilitation education. Initially three hundred eighty-six questionnaires were distributed and one hundred ninety-six responded. This was a return rate of 51%. The three hundred eighty-six respondents represent the entire population of faculty members that could be located who teach rehabilitation counseling at Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) accredited institutions. The questionnaires asked for data on faculty demographics, institutional characteristics, faculty member's computer use, and faculty members attitudes toward computers [as determined by Computer Attitude Scale (CAS) questions developed by Nickell and Pinto, 1986]. The study conducted a frequency analysis of demographic information. It also identified possible factors perceived to aid or inhibit computer use. The survey found in a number of different areas that rehabilitation faculty were using computers. The majority of faculty used common applications such as word processing, e-mail, and spreadsheets. Applications such as Internet, simulations, and drill programs were not dominant features of computer use at the time of this study. The study found that younger faculty use computers more and that positive attitudes towards computers were associated with increased usage of computers for instruction. The more positive a person's attitude towards computers, the more likely that they were aware of software development as well as used computers for instruction.


Dawson, R.D. Examination of computer use in rehabilitation education: A study of individual CORE faculty and their individual use of computers. Ph.D. thesis, The University of Iowa. Retrieved August 3, 2020 from .

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