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A video and a contextual essay

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This research project is a social action effort designed to address the number of people who are at risk for diabetes mellitus and to teach them how to lessen their risk, to detect the vast number of people who already have diabetes but are undiagnosed, and to provide education to those who live with diabetes. The benefit of this project was educating the diabetic population on how best to care for themselves and balance their lives by incorporating all spheres of health—body, mind, and spirit—so they may achieve the optimal level of health. It also touches on how to prevent diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a medically nutritious low fat diet, and exercise. The methodology used was the development and use of video for both detection and education.

This project has two components. The first is a video tape on early detection and diabetes education called “I Am A Statistic” that was shown on a local cable television station. The video identifies the signs, symptoms and risk factors for diabetes and educates on how to live a healthy life after being diagnosed with diabetes. The video lists the local hospitals where people who may be at risk can obtain a free screening for diabetes with immediate results available. This is a socially relevant project; more than 8 million people in the United States may have this disease and yet go undiagnosed.

The second component of the Project Demonstrating Excellence is an extensive literature review that was the foundation for this research project. This includes three contextual essays: (1) Chronic Disease Management of diabetes through education with a focus on Holistic Health and its interrelationship of body, mind, and spirit in maintaining health and wellness, (2) Teaching and Learning Principles for adults and children throughout all stages of life and their application to health, and (3) the use and role of Communication and Video programs in disease prevention, control, and education.


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