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An overlooked perspective: The human aspect of implementing an Electronic Performance Support System in a call center environment

, Pepperdine University, United States

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Despite the fact that the technology of Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) has been in the performance support and learning lexicon for more than 20 years, there is not a wealth of research done that looks at or performs an assessment of the change management strategy used to introduce, drive adoption, and otherwise support an implementation. To continue, there has not been a detailed account of the practical application of activities within an organization from a multilevel vantage point prior to, during, or after the installation and implementation of an EPSS.

This research study is the product of an examinative case study to assess the accompanying change management process though recounting the experiences and impact of the implementation of an EPSS from a change management and adoption perspective within a call center environment.

To get at this qualitative understanding, the researcher will view the efforts taken during and after the implementation effort through the accounts of members of 5 defined groups within a call center environment. Specifically, this study will examine the feedback and input from: (a) Senior Management, (b) Technology Installers or Program Core Team, (c) the Technology Vendor, (d) the Performers or Customer Service Consultants, and (e) Customers. Through a synthesis of the date extrapolated, a determination is offered as to what worked well and what did not work well in the execution and impartation of adoption methods paired with change management steps taken to introduce the technology.

The findings of this study may be utilized in further developing the research for use in the implementation of another performance support or major organizational implementation of technology, other than EPSS. Since all of the performance support technologies share 1 mutual goal, to augment performance, regardless of their different functionalities and effectiveness, they can be the subject of the implementation research results established in this research. The use of these research results for the implementation of another technology, to drive successful implementation change management and adoption, confirms that the research results are generic. This result will open new ground for researchers who have interest in expanding the topic.


Odom, C. An overlooked perspective: The human aspect of implementing an Electronic Performance Support System in a call center environment. Ph.D. thesis, Pepperdine University. Retrieved January 16, 2021 from .

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