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Veteran teachers' perceptions of the factors influencing the incorporation of advanced technology into their classrooms

, La Sierra University, United States

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Technology has aided in the reshaping of traditional education as new and advanced digital technologies have been and are continuing to be implemented in schools. Recent research suggests that veteran teachers use such technology less than novice teachers and demonstrate less proficiency in its use. The research also suggests that attitudes and beliefs need to be understood as factors which influence the extent of technology use. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine middle school veteran teachers' perceptions of the motivating factors which encouraged or discouraged their incorporation of advanced technology into their classroom learning environment. The data collection process utilized triangulation, which included face to face interviews, critical incident reports, and observations. The study found six factors identified by veteran teachers as influential in encouraging or discouraging them in incorporating advanced technology in their classrooms. Theses six themes were accessibility to technology, technology training, ease of use, perceived usefulness, age of teacher, and enhancing student learning. Veteran teachers found they were motivated to incorporate technology when it was accessible to them, they received adequate training, they perceived a high degree of ease of use, they perceived a high degree of usefulness, they perceived their age to be an encouraging factor, and they perceived the technology as resulting in enhanced student learning. Non-incorporating veteran teachers perceived their demotivation to incorporate technology as caused by lack of accessibility, little or inadequate training, a low degree of ease of use, a low perception of usefulness, and a regard of their age as a discouraging factor. The findings of this study suggest that to facilitate greater classroom use of advanced technology by veteran teachers, school administrators need to better ensure accessibility to the technology, give greater attention to adequacy of training and ease of use of technology, and highlight educational benefits of such use. The study recommends that critical reflection by administrators and by veteran teachers in training situations on the six themes that emerged in this study will facilitate greater understanding of the factors that discourage veteran teachers from incorporating technology in their teaching.


Jones, N.T. Veteran teachers' perceptions of the factors influencing the incorporation of advanced technology into their classrooms. Ph.D. thesis, La Sierra University. Retrieved November 15, 2019 from .

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