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Computer-based TOEFL experiences of ESL students THESIS

, University of Victoria , Canada

University of Victoria . Awarded


This thesis reports a study of the computer-based TOEFL experience. The purpose of the present study was to examine test-takers' preparing for and taking the CBT TOEFL as experienced and related by TOEFL test-takers in North America. The main emphasis was on identifying and exploring the relationship between different factors, such as computer familiarity, familiarity with the computer-based format of the test, the number of times the test was taken, gender, age, level of English proficiency, and students' CBT TOEFL scores. Identifying factors that influence computer-based testing outcomes can form the basis for more effective and efficient preparation for computer-based tests.

Participants were five non-native speakers of English, students of English Language schools and institutes in North America. They completed a questionnaire, which determined their level of computer familiarity and provided their background information. In addition, the students participated in individual in-depth phenomenological interviews.

Overall, the participants indicated that they were comfortable using computers and taking a computer-based TOEFL test on a computer, especially, when taking the test second time. The CBT TOEFL test was not regarded as advanced computer work. When comparing the importance of English proficiency and computer proficiency all the participants expressed that English skills were more important for the test than the computer skills. At the same time, the participants mentioned that it is important to be familiar with the format of the test. The participants also listed several factors that influenced the results of the computer-based TOEFL: English proficiency, computer skills and previous computer experience, the number of times the test has been taken, familiarity with the format and content of the test, the way the participants prepared for the test, and external and internal conditions affecting the participants on the day of the test.


Nguyen, G. Computer-based TOEFL experiences of ESL students. Master's thesis, University of Victoria. Retrieved December 13, 2017 from .

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