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Website interface design: Similarity and differences between Saudi Arabian and United States university websites

, University of Northern Colorado, United States

University of Northern Colorado . Awarded


The expansion of the Internet and online learning around the globe makes it more important to understand the differences in website design among cultures. Furthermore, the members of educational institutions around the world rely on the Internet more than ever before in a variety of aspects. Also, web design differs from culture to culture. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. cultures are viewed as opposites. Also, U.S. university websites are rated highest when ranked, while the websites of Saudi universities are ranked lower. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the role that cultural differences play in the design of interfaces at Saudi Arabian university websites and at U.S. university sites. This will help in understanding the meaning of specific differences in interface design based on the use of Hofstede's (2001) cultural dimensions.

A non-experimental research design was employed. An instrument derived from the literature was developed by this researcher. Then, four bilingual coders followed a content analysis procedure to collect the data from the selected universities websites from both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Then, a series of descriptive statistics and Confirmatory Factor Analysis as well as exploratory factor analysis and composite scores procedures were used to answer the four research questions.

The results showed that the characteristics of Saudi and U.S. university websites differed. Also, the data analysis revealed that some of these variations are related to cultural differences. The findings from this study will enhance the knowledge base and potential success for both Saudi Arabian and U.S. web designers. In addition, the findings may be applied to the development of other technology systems, such as user interfaces or automated teller machines as well as other computerized systems targeted toward a particular culture.


Alyahya, D.M. Website interface design: Similarity and differences between Saudi Arabian and United States university websites. Ph.D. thesis, University of Northern Colorado. Retrieved November 29, 2023 from .

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