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The business of organizational leadership in higher education: A cross-sectional study on the 21 st -century adjunct online faculty population

, Northcentral University, United States

Northcentral University . Awarded


This quantitative, cross-sectional research study was launched to identify and report trends or phenomena regarding adjunct online faculty members, with the ultimate intent of providing accurate and current data leaders in higher education need to address their existing and future strategies for online course expansion. Members of 5 adjunct online faculty communication groups were invited to participate in this research, resulting in a sample of 130. Respondents reported they taught at 181 postsecondary educational institutions across the United States and worldwide. Additionally, the research report provides up-to-date quantitative information about the credentials, long-term commitment, and the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of these faculty members who choose to teach online on an adjunct basis. Results showed that there were twice as many women as men in the sample, the mean age was 46.6 years, the mean income was $31,345, and nearly 75% reported their adjunct online faculty earnings as a secondary source of income. Results also showed that there was a moderately strong correlation between the intrinsic motivators and the qualifications score of adjunct online faculty members. That is, there was very strong evidence to show adjunct online faculty who are oriented more strongly toward intrinsic motivators tend to have a higher qualification score as these terms were defined for this study. This finding suggests that leaders may benefit from offering incentives based on intrinsic motivators to attract adjunct online faculty members who are more highly qualified. Another noteworthy portion of this study investigated whether a significant difference existed between gender and the adjunct online faculty qualification score. Results showed the two genders were nearly equally dispersed in relationship to their qualification scores.


Giannoni, D.L. The business of organizational leadership in higher education: A cross-sectional study on the 21 st -century adjunct online faculty population. Ph.D. thesis, Northcentral University. Retrieved October 19, 2019 from .

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