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Applicability of gestalt theory in Glogster

, Multimedia University , Malaysia

Multimedia University . Awarded


Since the mid-2000's, involvement in social media spaces has seemingly become a requirement in the e-learning area. Initially sparked by exponential growth among teens of high school and college age, regularly visiting websites including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Gestalt is now a daily habit for anyone of any age participating in the digital revolution. The study was aimed at identifying one of the social networks website and its efficiency of developing learning and engaging the students and improving their knowledge. By doing so, to better understand the practice of Glogster social network within a shared knowledge environment, it is essential to study student's perception of using Glogster and their perception of applicability of gestalt theory via this social networking tool. This study went through different phases to answer the research questions. The first phase of the study was conducted gather the common data and information about Glogster social network website to answer a part of the first research question to determine the student's perceptions of using Glogster in learning and it involved the online survey with common questions about Glogster. The second phase of the study was conducted to answer the second research question which is to determine whether Glogster helped students to understand gestalt theory when creating their online posters. In this phase of the study, document analysis of students' sample of Glogster poster was conducted for collecting data on student's pre knowledge of gestalt theory. The third phase of this study was designed to answer also the second research question and the aim of study in this stage was to evaluate the poster design done by students without any gestalt theory background. To discover that how much skills and knowledge they spent to design appropriately via checklist including some gestalt laws. The phase four of study is supporting the data from phase two. The main procedure for collecting the data is same as second phase to answer the second research question. And finally the phase five which supports the data in phase two and four. This phase of study involved interviews with the participants who experience Glogster and learning gestalt via using Glogster. All stages direct the study to understand the validity of gestalt theory in Glogster website. With the rising popularity of social network applications among students and teachers this study explores the usage of social networks tool specifically Glogster in improving students learning and creation in visual communication.


Ziaee, A. Applicability of gestalt theory in Glogster. Master's thesis, Multimedia University. Retrieved May 9, 2021 from .

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