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Technology and engaged learning: Making the connection. A case study of eight elementary schools

, New Mexico State University, United States

Doctor of Philosophy, New Mexico State University . Awarded


The central question of this research was: How does a school-wide coordinated effort to support technology integration affect teachers' acceptance and implementation of engaged learning? Other questions of this research included: (1) How does the principal, as the instructional leader, support technology integration? (2) In what ways do the Technology Pilot teachers fuse technology and engaged learning? (3) How are mathematics, science, and language arts teachers integrating technology into their classroom instruction? How do their classroom practices reflect their beliefs about engaged learning?

Even though vast quantities of hardware and software have been placed in classrooms, less attention has been focused on ways for teachers to implement constructivist learning practices linked to technology-rich environments. Educators are currently examining teaching and learning models that will successfully and seamlessly incorporate technology.

This multi-site, mixed methods case study used focus groups, a survey, and classroom videotape observations to collect the data. Themes emerging from the data yielded the following findings: (1) When linking engaged learning and technology, the change process is slow and occurs gradually; (2) When teachers have experienced success in using technology, they are eager and willing to share what they have learned; (3) The principal in the school is supportive of technology integration when he/she participates in the engaged learning/technology experience; (4) The Technology Pilot Teachers' pedagogical skills and knowledge and his/her interpersonal skills greatly influences the success of the program; (5) S.W.A.T. (Students Who Advance Technology) Teams assist teachers and provide a model for other students in technology use and integration; and (6) Technology integration is more successful when engaged learning is modeled in the training.


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