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Effective technology-related professional development: A data-informed plan

, College of Saint Elizabeth, United States

Doctor of Education, College of Saint Elizabeth . Awarded


Despite available training in technology resources in the district under study, teachers have indicated that they lack an understanding of how to integrate technology effectively in the classroom. Through analysis of survey data, an archival technology plan document, a focus group with teachers and interviews with principals, this dissertation analyzes the effectiveness of the current district approach to technology-related professional development (TRPD). This study evaluates several factors including the structure, frequency, content and follow-up of TRPD to determine the potential benefits for teachers in the district. This dissertation illuminates the recommended professional development practices identified in the literature. This action research study identifies and connects the major findings to possible solutions based on the needs of the district.

The data culled from the study connects the research to future goals for the district in the form of an action plan. The plan aligns with the district technology vision statement. These goals include increasing teacher involvement in the planning and evaluation process of TRPD, strengthening the existing TRPD program by incorporating recommended practices, differentiating TRPD instruction according to a needs assessment for teachers, providing adequate follow-up training and support for teachers, incorporating TRPD training strategies for adult learning styles, and training principals in technology integration. Further action research study and reflective practice are necessary to ascertain the effectiveness of this plan and future modifications as the district deems appropriate.


Allen, J.C.M. Effective technology-related professional development: A data-informed plan. Doctor of Education thesis, College of Saint Elizabeth. Retrieved March 21, 2019 from .

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