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Is There an App for that?

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Journal of Special Education Technology Volume 27, Number 2, ISSN 0162-6434


Everyday technologies (e.g., iPods, iPads, and Smart Phones) other applications (apps) that can serve as supports to students with intellectual and related developmental disabilities. The extent to which apps that are currently on the market are aligned with the support needs of children was evaluated using the subscale framework of the "Children's Supports Intensity Scale (Child-SIS)". Recommendations for future research and app development are provided, and implications for how apps influence assistive technology (AT) consideration and the concept of technological abandonment are discussed. (Contains 3 tables.)


Douglas, K.H., Wojcik, B.W. & Thompson, J.R. (2012). Is There an App for that?. Journal of Special Education Technology, 27(2), 59-70. Retrieved August 13, 2020 from .